How To Organize Your Closet In No Time: 5 Tips

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Do you keep saying that you really need to organize your closet and clean out your clothes? I do! Is this what you look like when trying to find something in your closet? Check out these five ways on how to organize your closet without taking an entire day to complete.

How To Organize Your Closet: Life-Saving Tips

Number One

Many women keep a ton of things in our closets aside from clothes. Whatever you are storing in your closet, take it all out. Your entire closet should have nothing in it when you are done. This includes anything on shelves or the floor. Listen to your favorite playlist and jam out while cleaning. It always puts me in a good mood!

Number Two

Start with one category at a time — a good tip on how to organize your closet. For the clothes on hangers, start by putting them on your bed and eliminate what you don’t plan to wear. You may have to try on some things, but that’s okay.

Make it a little fashion show for one.

You may find things you’ve forgotten you even had; some with tags! For those items I plan to give to Goodwill, I’ll toss in a corner and later put them in a bag or box for transport.

Move on to folded items and repeat the same process as with the other clothes. Take the ones you want and put them together in another corner before putting them back in your closet. We want to know what we have first and then decide how we’ll place everything. For your shoes, repeat the process and put them aside.

Number Three

Do you have items in your closet other than clothes and shoes? I will often throw things in my closet just to get them out of sight and make the room look presentable. Separate those items and put them in the proper place. You’ll have a cleaner, neater closet to enjoy.

Number Four

This step is an addendum to number two. When trying on clothes, get rid of that favorite pair of jeans that have holes in them. Do not keep clothing that doesn’t fit. Many of us will hang onto items because we plan to lose weight. How often does that happen? Treat yourself to new clothes to replace those if you wish. A good idea on how to organize your closet is to take some of your clothes with the tags on them that don’t fit and take them to a consignment shop! You can make a little money so you’re not feeling like you wasted money buying them. Do the same thing with your shoes. If your shoes don’t fit anymore or are scruffy looking, get rid of them!

Look Familiar?

Number Five

Most definitely, clean your closet with a rag and a multi-purpose spray cleaner. Now that your closet will be nice and organized, you’ll want to start with a clean slate. Emphasis on clean. You never know what you’ll find in terms of dust, dirt, receipts, or maybe even mold or mildew. If you find mold, be sure to contact a professional.

Tips and Tricks

Now that you have an idea of how to organize your closet, I’m going to share with you some tricks I’ve learned that makes closet storage much easier. And it’s very inexpensive!

I use hangers for my scarves. Normally, when you buy them in stores, they’re displayed hanging in a type of knot. I use the same know to drape over my hangers. It keeps them from wrinkling too!

Long dresses can be hung on pant hangers. It saves space and stretching of the garment.

Shoe shelves work well. Place them not only on top of the shelves but underneath as well.

Handbags can be difficult to store, especially if you have a lot.

If you keep them in their appropriate dust bags, it can get rather confusing. If you prefer to keep them stored in the bags, you can take a little photo of each bag and attach it to the corresponding dust cover. This prevents you from peeking inside each one to find the one you’re looking for. I actually forgot I had a certain handbag because of dust covers!

Even More Hanger Solutions

Another solution is to use hangers again. If they have long straps, I put several on one hanger. This works especially well for totes. And, guess what else hangers are good for? Belts! Put their buckles over the top. They lie straight so you can see them all.

Depending on the bag, some I will keep in their dust covers. Belts are placed over the top like in the above image.

As you can see, there are plenty of ways on how to organize your closet while maximizing space. No more standing in front of your closet wondering what to wear or where a particular item is. Plus, you have room for more clothes! Who doesn’t love that?

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