Small Space Living: How To Make It Work For You

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Don’t let small space living get you down. Millennials’ homes include smaller spaces these days than any other generation. For example, millennials are more than happy to live in a tiny space just to live in a really great location (think Manhattan). The smaller places actually work because changes they’re making are to maximize the little space they do have. And it’s working.

This particular thinking is not just limited to millennials either these days.

It seems to be the trend for many. Although millennials will forego large space for more quality space, younger homeowners are also following suit.

It was the idea that large space was preferable, but functional communal places are making a comeback. This sense of togetherness is what millennials desire.

Smaller homes are more affordable with less upkeep and more simplicity.

Small Space Living

To make the most of your small space living, your kitchen can be the size of a walk-in closet with small appliances needed.

Wall units in a bedroom are a great substitute for nightstands which take up a ton of room in small space living. Store important papers, your daily calendar, or any notes. Also, install swing lights on the wall next to your bed to save even more room. Or even a tall skinny floor lamp would work. Custom built drawers and cabinets work just as well.

Tall ceilings are excellent for small spaces. They make small space living look larger. Different decorating designs do not have to be sacrificed. Install upscale lighting or decorate your walls while saving on other things. And maintenance is much lower. The idea today is less is more.

It’s important to think about the items you plan to have.

Are you really going to use them? Or are they a more impulsive buy?

Think hard about what you really need in your home and space. Do you like to collect items, for example, cookie jars? You may want to rethink it or put up enough shelving to showcase them.

Family photos can be difficult to choose when hanging them for display. Pick only your favorites for your small space living. Remember that storage is key. Some furniture can have double usages. For example, a sofa that has drawers underneath can help tremendously.

The trend of downsizing and maximizing space — small space living — is likely here to stay.

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