Cryptolume is a cryptocurrency educational analysis tool that provides traders quick insights into metrics across various exchanges. These metrics are key trader used ones such as Volume, Price, RSI & MACD. We compute complex algorithms across various exchanges that we support and provide insights into all coins available on those exchanges. For Binance specifically, we also provide complete pairs meaning we provide insights into USDT and also ETH.

Our key tool is our Crypto Scanner tool which analyses the markets and provides an easy to use digestible table format for traders.

An example of this is below:

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Cryptolume’s Crypto Scanner (Example used: Binance)

As you can see, you can sort by metrics such as 5M up to 24H as well as RSI. One of the our users favourites is the Buyer/Seller percentages. This provides order-book statistics with how many open buy and close orders are coming in recently. When you compare this with metrics such as the volume, you can get quick insight into which coins are getting a lot of traction. …



Advanced cryptocurrency analysis and alerting tool. Find out more about us at

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