Emerging possibilities of Mobile Data — How social Apps making money for telecom providers.

The convergence of voice and data networks has made a revolutionary and global impact with phenomenal growth in mobile communications, and the adoption of this innovation has played a major role in driving productivity and enhancing economic growth across all sectors, with the word “Mobility” becoming a defacto mantra to gauge and outreach social-economic development and demographics frameworks.

Year on year, the global traffic in data networks is growing more than 65%, and, the global mobile economy is expected to exceed $1.9 trillion this year. The figures for sure convey that, mobile data is here to stay to fume transformation and disruption, largely to create opportunities and increase competition. Further “mobility” is shaping into a formless dimension with unlimited possibilities, and hence all the enterprises under ICT bandwagon, especially operators, equipment manufactures etc, are investing hugely to scale IP infrastructure and offer high speed Internet on mobile devices making it to the most affordable prices to consumers across the globe. Since the mobile technology doesn’t have the parity of geographical boundaries to connect distant devices, even most of the underdeveloped economies and agencies are increasingly using mobility solutions to resolve societal concerns in areas such as the environment, health care and education. It is no secret that mobile data have transformed the way people stay connected.

Delfoundry — Data enabled delivery

The mobile device is no more a gadget to make cellular calls, as many stack and software applications are developed to leverage the potential of data networks, and the successful releases of Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP, also referred to as IP Telephony, Internet Telephony /Internet Calling) applications for mobile platforms has completely changed the scenario of mobile communication. As all the enterprises use VoIP to cut down communication cost, with add-on features to collaborate and interact between employees and with customers effectively and efficiently, similarly the tech companies are building applications for mobile platforms that can connect peers instantly and in real-time. For example, the increasing popularity of Whatsapp explains the main reason for which people are turning to communication that can integrate voice calls for free of cost.

How WhatsApp real time location enabled — Delfoundry enables delivery drivers integrate with customer whatsapp for real time notifications.

The rapid increase of active users with the social chat apps (whatsapp crosses 1 billion daily active users) depicts the storyline behind the real-time connectivity and thus limiting the cellular calls. The loss the telecommunications industry is predicted to nearly $386 billion by 2018, and the beneficiaries being the tech companies such as WhatsApp, WeChat etc. However, the cons or the issues that are yet to find resolutions being the quality of voice / video calls, as the OTT apps use Internet connection, and it’s susceptible to all the hiccups normally associated with home broadband services, and conversations can become distorted, garbled or lost because of transmission errors.

Finally, with over 5 billion mobile subscribers connecting more than two-thirds of the world’s population, and the fueling innovation cause more pressure on telcos as the new age social chat apps are offering features that retain user loyalty and stickiness.

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Steven Kemp — Director Platform Implementation — Delfoundry.com