What is a mission start-up?

- Christine Lagarde, President of the ECB

On Monday, April 17, 2020, one month to the day after the President of the Republic announced an unprecedented period of containment due to the…

“Experiential telework”, distancing or “excellisation” of collaboration ?

On Monday, May 26th, in this post-crisis hybrid in-between, we decided to program for Scenary’s 10th creative expedition a theme on THE issue that has occupied our days (and sometimes) our confined nights: tele-working.

Ironically, we welcomed regulars from the community, HRDs, anthropologists, researchers, media experts or experts working on…

“Experiential ecology”, let’s experience the Climate Emergency Museum

Écologie expérientielle 13/01/2020

On Monday 13 January, at the Story Room, the first creative expedition of the year dedicated to experiential ecology took place. Scenary started 2020 by sharing a committed action!

Happy New Year 2050!

“Experiential data”, back to the very human…

Thanks to David’s “data acting” and the confusing introduction, we were all willing to look at data in a new light. The Choregraphy team, through its methodological support, helped us to go beyond the stereotypes linked to the risks of collecting our personal data and their mercantile use. …

Choregraphy — we design experience

We make (and teach) experience design for transformation, innovation and strategy, the perfect mix of innovation management, design and living arts

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