Top 10 Traditional Indian Snacks Available Online, That Shall Surely Make You Drool!

A cup of elaichi chai in the evening, a walk in the rain, or catching a movie with family — our simple, everyday activities get cosier with a bowl of tasty snacks. Be it weekend get-togethers or after-office treats, some samosas or pakodas are mandatory ingredients for a fun adda. Stretching from north to south, and east to west, Indian snacks come with their own regional touch and specialities. And, thanks to SaleBhai, you can now get these savouries in a few clicks — prepared with authentic, oregional spices and other ingredients.

While some are best served hot and freshly prepared at home, other namkeen are best enjoyed with friends near a roadside stall. A number of these tidbits can even be stored and relished whenever your craving strikes. So if you are on the lookout for some scrumptious evening snacks that can be purchased online, here we’ll take you on a gastronomic journey, giving you glimpses of the top 10 traditional Indian snacks to order:


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This gram flour-based crisp savoury usually comes infused with a mix of delectable spices such as pepper, cloves, and red chilli. You can indulge your taste buds with a plethora of flavours, ranging from the famous Ratlami sev and Ujjaini sev, to laung sev and lahsun sev. Pair it with your evening cuppa or use as garnish on chaat and other food for a flavoursome finish!


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Synonymous to Gujarat, khakhras are thin, round, roti-like snacks, prepared from wheat and spices. These salty treats taste best with chutney, pickle, ghee, or yoghurt. You can send these healthy bites in your kid’s tiffin box or carry a bunch to office for your snack breaks. Whether you are a Gujarati settled abroad or just a foodie interested in discovering authentic regional dishes, you shall surely relish its myriad flavours — methi, masala, jeera, ajwain, or moongadi. Watch this interesting video on how to make ethnic Gujarati khakhra at home.


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Samosa with tangy tamarind chutney and hot tea — the mere mention of this combo defines pure bliss for Indian snackaholics. Dry samosa is a variation of this classic recipe that comes with a filling of chosen, delicious spices in place of spicy mashed potatoes. You can garnish the savouries with coriander, sev, and chutney for a scrumptious chaat or eat them as they are on a lazy afternoon, while watching TV. The added bonus is that dry samosas can be stored for a much longer time!


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The famous Bombay mix is also known as chiwda or chevdo. The scrumptious, dry savoury combines a gamut of select ingredients such as lentils, peanuts, corn, chickpea, rice flakes, curry leaves, and onions. This spicy and crunchy namkeen will easily become your favourite munchie, afternoon or tea-time.


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Deep-fried, crunchy balls of flour filled with spicy mixes, kachori is another cherished Indian snack. You can even make them at home, following this easy recipe. Dry kachori is as flaky and delicious as the original kachori; however, unlike regular ones, it has a longer shelf life. A hit with kids and adults alike, it serves as an addictive teatime snack.


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The all-time popular wafers shall never go out of style. Be it banana, potato, kale, or even bitter gourd, wafers make for indulgent bites in your free time. Available in a range of irresistibly delightful flavours, they are ideal snacks to carry during long journeys, or to school or office.


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The traditional savoury from the bylanes of Maharashtra is made from gram flour and refined flour. Infused with hand-picked spices, these deep-fried, bite-sized treats are ideal for festivals and get-togethers. Serve them with a hot beverage or carry them on trips for some quick, tasty bites. For an easy recipe, check out this video on Youtube and make a batch this weekend to impress your family.


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Wholesome and versatile, groundnuts taste delicious roasted, salted, or raw; and are rich in nutrients, proteins, and minerals. The zesty and popular Indori recipe, masala peanuts, is enjoyed as a snack across stalls in every Indian roadside. You can even whip up this quick dish at home. Want to learn how? Check the recipe here.


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Yummy, crispy, as well as healthy, dal makes for a simple, but lovely snack. Be it chana dal or moong dal, you can fill a bowl and munch away while enjoying a movie or chit-chatting with your friends. Some other variants of dal include chana jor garam — prepared from flattened chickpeas, dal moth, and kabuli dollar chana. Add some chopped onions, tomatoes, green chillies, and dress it up in lemon juice and olive oil with a tiny pinch of salt and cumin powder for a lip-smacking snack.


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Last but not the least, we cannot leave out the common yet cherished mixture. With distinct variations in flavours and ingredients as per region, they suit every mood and every occasion. Its recipes can be customised to match everyone’s preferences and makes for a great side dish or garnish for other foods as well.

So, next time you have a snack attack, you know what to do. Tick off your list online and stock up on your month’s namkeen. A full pantry makes for a full tummy when hunger strikes at odd hours. Let your imagination run wild: use your instincts to experiment, cook, and create new dishes with these already delicious treats. Do not forget to share your innovative ideas with us either!

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