Is there any value in people who cannot write JavaScript?
Mandy Michael

I joined the industry in 1998. I cut my teeth on IE 6, Netscape Navigator and a 1024px wide screen was a wild dream (most screens were 800px x 600px CRT monitors back then.) I got very good and making CSS and HTML work in tight spaces. Screens got bigger. Sites got fancier. Roll forward 10 years and there are these smart phones with screen sized not dissimilar to the old screens of 1998… I’m all over this!

Now its 2017. I’ve worked in agencies, i have freelanced, I’ve been a senior dev and I have trained several Juniors.

I still don’t know JavaScript. I also don’t know any full stack developers who can build a site if you take away the toys (Bootstrap, Foundation and friends).

They just can’t do it.

Yet my last boss referred to me as “the colouring in department” which i found offensive and it devalued my 18+ years of making websites work everywhere.

Now I run my own company.