The Simple Way To Make Mindset A Priority

I’m sure you’ve heard it a million times before in the wellness world — change your mindset and your life will change, too — but have you often just rolled your eyes or brushed it off?

If you’re like me, when you first hear this your instinct is to be feel skeptical because, if it was really that easy, wouldn’t everyone have that down?

The thing is, it can be that easy and it also can be well, a lot harder than that (basically, it’s like anything else you can master).

I’m a skeptic by nature but I’m willing to try anything just for the sake of understanding or experiencing it myself — so I tried it.

I started working on my mindset and it wasn’t as simple as flipping a switch — there’s more to it than that (thought when it’s written about they often make it seem that way).

It’s about diving beyond the surface level and digging for the root of your mindset that truly can change you which, in turn, changes your life. Now, I’m not going to tell you a tale of how rosy and perfect everything is because everyone has off-days but changing your mindset ultimately does make you a lot happier.

Think of it this way — any and everything in life, whether we choose to admit it or not, is based on your perspective. Ever have a friend tell you something they thought was funny and then they say ‘you had to be there’ when you don’t laugh as hard as they do? Well, if you think about it, that’s about the perspective.

Though we don’t often apply that logic because we’re wound up in our thoughts or the events happening around us — most of our emotions, reactions, and beliefs are based on perspective just like your friend telling you that not-so-funny story (in your eyes).

You may have heard this before but have you thought about how often this applies to how you feel about yourself and your life?

For example, a lot of us have the belief that we’re not good enough or we suffer from imposter syndrome.

We may not feel it all the time but it can sneak up on you when you least expect it and our perspective then may be that we aren’t capable of what we’re about to do but after accomplishing something we didn’t think we could do we feel immensely competent and capable — interesting, isn’t it?

To tap into the power of mindset you need to learn to shift our perspective so the latter becomes your default, rather than the former.

Keeping in mind that perspective impacts how we often see things helps us question our limiting beliefs in a simple way without dwelling in it too much — just ask yourself if what you’re thinking is really true or if there’s another way of looking at it.

When you realize this time and time again, you slowly feel yourself disassociate from all the limiting beliefs you hold because often it’s just a version of a story you’re telling yourself but since it’s you telling the story, you can tell a different one.

That is how you shift your mindset and it won’t happen overnight but those simple little reminders will help you make progress & isn’t that what it’s all about anyways?

Content & digital marketing strategist with a love for infusing mindfulness into every aspect of life. Connect with me at

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