How we helped this app become a Top 5 iOS lifestyle app.

We worked with @EmbargoApp on their launch campaign and helped propel them peak at No. 5 in The App Store, ALL on a performance basis.

Embargo at it’s peak!


Through our vast network of social media influencers, we matched Embargo with highly engaged UK based Influencers, who understood and resonated with Embargo’s offering.

We then managed, coordinated and iterated the social tone of voice as the group of influencers directed their followers to download the Embargo app.


Over the few weeks that we have been running the campaign, Embargo peaked at No. 5 in the UK lifestyle apps chart!

More importantly Embargo has been able to maximise their advertising spend and reduce wastage through our performance model.

Embargo’s opinion

“As a start up founder I am always looking for performance based marketing and ways to raise brand awareness but with minimised risks. The team at Yoke have come up with a great concept to turn influencer campaigns that have always proven to be a huge risk into something that we can easily adapt, scale and control. They not only deliver numbers but show significant efforts to constantly improve their services.” Fryderyk Szydlowski, Embargo Co-Founder.


Embargo has also been able to attract high quality installs over a sustained period of time. Since we have partnered with them as a growth channel, they have received an 81.65% install to sign up rate.

Here at Yoke, we help apps to grow sustainably with a low risk approach to influencer marketing providing tangible data and helping apps to take full advantage of an under-utilised acquisition channel. Once we partner with mobile app clients we essentially become an extension of their acquisition team, analysing the data and constantly iterating to maximise the performance of the influencers driving downloads to your app!

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