Case Study #4 — LostRoom from Barcelona

Sep 17, 2018 · 3 min read
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Hey, everyone! Today we would like to tell you about our first client, Lostroom in Barcelona. We have already previously worked with this company, that is why the configuration stage was not so long compared with other clients.

Test one: Redesign

The first experiment that we decided to carry out during our second stage of collaboration was tremendous. The owner of escape room decided to redesign the entire website and dedicated this important task to us. We are really proud to admit that we implemented this task quite successfully. Due to a fruitful collaboration between web designer and our developers we managed to renew the website in 2 weeks. The design itself was prepared by LostRoom team, and the differences were only visual. We did not add any new blocks, although we could manage this either. In three weeks we received the preliminary results but unfortunately, we cannot reveal them due to privacy issues. What is important is that the redesign is currently shown to all the website users.

Test two: Google Optimize shutdown

During the redesign process, our developer found out an interesting feature that is connected with Google Optimize, A/B testing platform. This system does not enable to show the entire website until the moment of its loading. We already covered this topic in our previous case study, however, now we wanted to check how the external systems influenced the websites of our clients. We turned this hiding off and the results were significantly better.

Test three: WhatsApp Messenger

The third experiment was WhatsApp Messenger integration. Unfortunately, there were lots of problems with this test on our side. Firstly, this button disturbed the feedback survey submission after a game. Secondly, it 2 times decreased the average conversion rate. That is why we decided to turn off this experiment after four days. Overall, this experiment was a failure, but we benefited from it a lot.

Test four: Notifications

This time we decided to change the notifications on the website. There are thousands of articles on the internet, in which notifications are proved to be one of the best tools for conversion rate optimization. That is why we decided to create our notifications.

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These notifications have really curious working principle: the more time users spend on website, the higher the probability that notification will appear. Moreover, there were 2 types of notifications, one of those offered a discount. Unfortunately, this test also did not show any significant results.

Many thanks to Yuriy Popov who trusted us and co-operated with us to develop and test our conversion rate optimization platform. From our side, we managed to deliver all the results that had been settled in the project initiation.

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