Achieving real goal setting success

Step 1: Find your “Why”

So you’ve got some goals for the new year or just in general. Sometimes we choose goals because they sound good, they’re the latest craze or we think we “should”. All of this is ok however if we don’t truly understand why our goals are important then we’ll struggle to make them a priority.

That’s where STEP 1 comes in.

STEP 1 of our goal setting process is to understand the “WHY” behind our goals. For this one we’re going to dig deep.

5 “Why’s” to be exact.

By going 5 “Why’s” deep, we really get to understand why our goal is so important. It helps develop our commitment.

Once we’ve really explored our “why”, we may find that our “what” might not actually get us there. That’s ok, just change the goal to meet your motive.

Here’s a simple template to help you on your way. Take 1–20 minutes this weekend to have a go. Firstly, find a quite space and decide your goal (don’t worry too much about language, we’ll get to that next). Then ask yourself “why do I want to achieve this?” Once you’ve done that, go through the process 4 more times until you’ve got to the root of why it’s important to you.

Step 1 is about understanding your motivations

Once you’ve identified your goals using this process, we’re going to delve into shaping your goal with the right language. Stay tuned for more on that next week. In the mean-time check out our Facebook and Instragram pages for our newest content.

About the Author

Rebecca Sharp is a lover of learning, driver of talent, passionate about people, and an advocate for lifelong learning. You can connect with her on LinkedIn.