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Going a little Off Grid

Off Grid
Off Grid
Jan 16, 2017 · 3 min read

It feels as if we are on the edge of a shift, the way that agencies traditionally work now seems archaic and nonsensical. The creative disciplines rely on your mind, an active, inspired mind that can think through a problem and visualise a ‘solution’. All of this is currently expected to happen whilst sat behind a desk for upwards of 40 hours a week.

We have worked as designers in agencies across the North West region as well as London and as a far as New York. We’ve gained invaluable experiences, but always felt like there must be another way of working. People have forever been looking to tackle this though ‘stand up’ meetings or nipping out for a coffee and a catch up, but this forced structure still does little to elevate the constraints of the desk.

Somewhere Off Grid was launched in January of this year with a fresh look on the industry. We sat down and wrote about what we wanted out of life, and how we could achieve the perfect working balance.

Be nomadic.
Armed with a lap top, graphics tablet and good internet, the world really is our oyster. This opens doors to co working spaces around the region, coffee shops, libraries and even the comfort of our own spaces in Cheshire.

Scaleability is key.
Trusting and honest in our own abilities, we will collaborate with freelancers when a project requires, not constrained by the pool of talent that sits in an office. Our skills can reach out to a national level and beyond, with the online tools available we can, at the push of a button, work with people from all over the world. The idea of collaborating with people from different cultures and backgrounds is both an exciting way to make new friends and a great way to create products. Working with team members from differening situations from our own will offer new points of view and help to create more rounded products.

Invest in your clients.
With many of the usual pressures lessened, we can focus on our clients, forming the relationships that have often been lacking and work with people who share our passion. We want to collaborate with businesses that are looking at the world with a slight head tilt, who want to do something a bit different, and who want to make a change in the world in whatever small way that they can.

And finally, space.
Not just physical space, but brain space. No one can wake up every morning, switch on the ‘be creative button’ at 9am and switch it off again at 5pm. Sometimes your brain is just not having it, and that is when we ‘go off grid’. If something isn’t working we give ourselves a break, grab the dog, put on our walking boots and head into the hills. The outdoors has always been our main source of inspiration and now allowing the time to embrace it and immerse ourselves in it during the working week is already proving to be invaluable. Happier, more content and less stressed, this designing duo are looking at a bright future…Somewhere Off Grid.

Instagram — @somewhereoffgrid

Twitter — @somewhere_OG

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