A few days ago we announced our new blockchain-based game, the Solethium. Today we’ve published a full list of all Solethium space objects available in the game.

There are 3 types of objects in the game. Parent objects, Special Trade objects and common objects.

Parent Objects

You can build your game tactics around the fact that we leveraged natural hierarchy in the Solar System. For example, the Earth travels around the Sun. We can say that Sun is a PARENT object to Earth. In turn, Earth is Sun’s satellite. In similar way, Earth is PARENT object to Moon, and the Moon is Earth’s satellite.

Why is that important?

It is important because in Solethium, you can own PARENT objects and get parent percentage from every sale of its satellites in the game!


Our new ethereum based blockchain game has hit the market today. It is called Solethium.

Why the name ‘Solethium’? First of all, the game is focused on buying and collecting digital Sun, Solar System planets, their satellites and space stations. That is ‘SOL’ part; we were absolutely against the word ‘crypto’ in the game title which starts to be very uninspired on the current market. Still, we managed to put ‘ETH’ in the title without make it sound corny.

Solethium Marketplace with gorgeous objects and animations

Smart Contract

Since the game is built around Ethereum blockchain smart contract, every Solethium object is one-of-a-kind, unique, can not be stolen from…


Own, control and make profit from gorgeous digital Solar System objects on the Ethereum blockchain

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