4 Questions you should ask yourself when deciding what Uni to go to…

May 23, 2018 · 5 min read

So you know you want to go to University, but you aren’t quite sure where you want to go. Asking yourself these 4 questions will help you to narrow down your options, and get a better idea of what you are looking for from your University experience!

Picking a University can be hard work! Get a head start and start thinking about it early!

Do you want to study close to home, or far from home?

Want to move far from home? You best be prepared to do all your own laundry!!

This is a tough one, and can often split opinion between students looking to study at university, with one half wanting to get as far away from home as possible, and the other half wanting to go to the local university around the corner!

Check out the merits of each option below;

Studying close to home; ⁃ You have the option of living at home and commuting to lectures, which over 3 years can save you a significant amount of money that would’ve otherwise gone on accommodation and living costs ⁃ On those days where you have no clean clothes (trust me they will come), you are close enough to home to pop back and get your laundry done, and maybe stop for a Sunday roast whilst you are back! ⁃ University life is a real rollercoaster ride, and can be very stressful at times. Having your family close by when things are going badly is a reliable source of comfort for a lot of students.

Studying far from home: ⁃ you get to experience a whole new way of life, flying solo and being completely independent. You’ll be forced to learn magical things like working a washing machine, how to cook 3 meals a day, every day (minus the takeaways of course), and paying household bills! ⁃ The chances are, your mum won’t find out you made a fool of yourself on a night out last week. ⁃ Moving away from your high school friend groups forces you into creating new social circles, you’ll often here the people say that their university friends are friends for life. ⁃ You get to experience living in a different part of the country, which is an experience in itself!

University life is a real rollercoaster ride, and can be very stressful at times.

Do you want to be part of any sports clubs or societies at university?

University sport is a fantastic opportunity to play a huge range of sports, across all ability levels.

Sports clubs and societies form a pivotal part of a lot of students university experience. It’s an opportunity to partake in sports or activities you are passionate and enjoy, with fellow likeminded students.

University sports alone are huge, with the vast majority of universities having Wednesdays as a day off, so students can partake in BUCS competitions against other Universities, in every sport imagine-able, from Rugby to Archery!

It doesn’t just stop at sports, societies offer clubs and groups around a huge range of topics, here are a few we have handpicked from Bath University;

Fine Art Society Salsa Society Theatre Society

There really is something for everyone, but hey, if you can’t find a Society for something you’re interested in — start one yourself!

The best way to check what sports or societies a university has on offer is with a google search. Clubs and Societies are run by the universities Student Union (SU) and Athletic Union (AU).

What course do you want to study?

What course you want to study is a key factor in deciding the University you should study at!

Not sure what course you want to study that? That’s cool, but once you do, it’s important that you check how that course performs at each university you are interested in.

A university may be relatively low down the general league table rankings, but when you view the rankings specific to your course, it may be significantly higher in the table!

For example, on the Guardian League Tables, Huddersfield University are ranked 60th overall, however for Nursing & Midwifery courses they are ranked 6th!

On top of checking league table rankings, it is always worth looking at results from the National Student Survey — this gives you an honest review of what current students think of the course!

Do I want to study at a city university, or a campus university?

The age old debate between which is better, a city Uni, or a campus Uni, still rages on.

It is fair to say that both have their own individual merits, but let’s start with city universities.

Pros: ⁃ city life is non-stop, you have a huge selection of restaurants, bars, clubs, activities, and general “things to do” ⁃ Nightlife in cities can often outshine that of campus university nightlife, with bigger acts, more nights out, and simple more choice, meaning more often than not it caters for everyone’s night of choice. Cons: ⁃ in general living in a city is more expensive, and as a student you are most likely already going to be penny pinching even at the best of times! ⁃ You could end up living far from other university buildings, including lecture halls, sports facilities, and other halls of residence! This could make those 9am Monday morning lectures that extra bit difficult to attend!

Of course there are plenty more things to consider when selecting where to study at University, the most important thing is to put the time into researching, and ensuring you are making an informed decision!


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