What is the future of South East Asia

I always wondered, what is our future. As a region, as race, as a nation, and as a society. The world moves so fast, so quick, so uncertain. Often we think life will be like the past 10 years before, same jobs, same careers, same progress. However, I am confident, even scared, that the future is very different.

We have got to remember that only the greatest innovations we have now, the Facebooks, the Google, Youtube, Flicker, Snapchat and the rest of the hoopla we use now, are less than a decade old. And if the law of exponential innovation is to hold true, who knows what the next 10 years will be. Or even 5. Things can change. Markets shall be disrupted. And thus, I go back to my original premise, what is our future for a society that does not invent, does not create, but rather is dependent on the inventions of others to sustain our economy. We are still a resource economy, which accounts for the majority of our exports.

If we do not start now, how will we handle the world in the future. How shall we compete. How can we export our knowledge and knowhow if we had none to begin with. Its not that we do not have the brains. Rather, we do not have the will, the mindset, the urge to innovate and invent. To think and build. The leverage on the good geographical location we happen to be in, and we become contented. How can we break out of this cycle, and change ourselves for the better. Like a snake trying to shed its old skin.

Are we to forever become a manufacturing hub for the rest of the world, to just be a source of cheap labour where our semi skilled workforce can do the work they do not want to do. This ever widening gap shall lead us into a death spiral, and I’m highly afraid, we shall not survive the next 10 years to come. I’m highly aware. I hope you will be too.