Thoughts on That John Lewis Ad
Hugh Thomas

I have one issue with this post, Hugh. You write: ‘If you do think someone feels lonely, don’t go to John Lewis. Give them a foot massage. Take them out to a pizza joint. Make them a cookie. Skype.’

The problem is, all of these things are products/brands, too. Okay, apart from the foot massage.

While if this were an advert for any other company I’d be inclined to agree with you, I love John Lewis and think they’re a pretty decent company so they’re allowed to make ads that tug at my heartstrings.

And why not go to John Lewis? They’re a good company to work for. I want to support them.

Isn’t all creative produce there to gain something? Whether it be a financial profit or an internal realisation, they’re out in the open for a reason. Isn’t that why you published this article?

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