The Story of Hello Glow

ahhh it’s 6.15am as I write this, and it’s official…. this is my favourite time to write. There’s something special about this time in the morning. The stillness — outside and in my head. It always feels like my most reflective time. And so here I am, at the end of another crazy week, stoked that I finally get to share an update with you.

Last time I wrote, I mentioned I was working on some changes …. that Hello Glow was evolving, and so this post will hopefully give you a little context, and a little taste for what’s going to unfold in the coming weeks.

But before we zip ahead into the future, it makes sense to look back. Hello Glow started in 2012, when life looked very very different for me. I’d not long walked through one of the darkest times in my life, the collapse of my previous business. I was hungry for something new, something meaningful and when coaching showed up on my radar it felt like the perfect fit. I had the raddest role model, a friend who was an epic coach, and a few months after the initial seed had been planted, I was in Sydney training with an Australian coaching school.

And so it began — Hello Glow, in it’s first iteration, was pure coaching. By that I mean, letting the client set the agenda. Working with all sorts of people with all sorts of issues. I needed to immerse myself in that world, to have good experiences and bad, so that I could find my place. It only took a matter of weeks to recognise that life coaching, in a broad spectrum, was not for me.

I’ll always remember being on a call with someone who wanted to talk about relationships. My marriage, at that point, was beginning a downward spiral (that it would never recover from), and I remember thinking ‘I am SO not the person you should be speaking to’.

So I made my first concerted effort in niching down. I decided I only wanted to work with women entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurship felt like home, and although it took a shit load of work (physical & emotional) to believe that I (the girl whose events business had fallen apart in the most catastrophic fashion) had something worth sharing with others, I knew, right from the start, that I was on the right track.

The relief that I would no longer need to coach people about their relationship dramas, or weight loss issues was immense ha ha. Entrepreneurship was a juicy subject that I knew a lot about. The more I coached, the more I realised that the lessons I had learned were super useful for others.

But a certain sense of guilt kicked in at this point — and it was the first of many occasions when I questioned whether ‘coach’ was the right word to describe my work. Here’s the thing — when you train to be a coach, you learn that the client brings whatever they need to bring to the call, and that you ask insanely good questions and help guide them to the answers they need to find. It’s super powerful, but I found myself wanting to jump in and talk about the nitty gritty business stuff. Clients were asking me to help them do stuff that was kinda outside of the coaching role. And I freaking loved it.

So I carried on, and started building my program, Super Stoked. At first, Super Stoked was really a starting point for newbie entrepreneurs, and since it’s creation, I’ve guided over 150 people through it. But, just like everything else in life, it evolved. In fact, almost every time I did it, I tweaked something. And so it just got more and more refined.

It started to focus more on branding & marketing than anything else. I realised that this was the area I was seriously geeking out on. This was the area that really got me stoked. And most importantly, this was the area that I was delivering epic results in.

Then in late 2013, I discovered Mad Men (Ha ha I was soooooo behind the times). Everyone else had fallen in love with this show way back in 2007 when it started, but for some reason, it only showed up on my radar in 2013. For those of you that don’t know it (ha ha go download it now !), Mad Men was an epic series based in NYC, telling the story of an advertising agency on Madison Avenue.

To say I geeked out on this show is an understatement. I rarely watch tv, so it was kinda weird for me to be so pumped on something like this. But the more I got into it, the more I realised, it wasn’t so much the show, but the advertising industry that excited me. The creativity , the business smarts & the branding, that was seriously blowing me away.

The timing was perfect. I’d reached a point in my coaching career where I was finding myself more and more disillusioned with the industry. I was starting to feel icky even using the term coach, because there were so many bullshit coaches out there who were making a really bad name for the rest of us. The business coaching world was full of people who had never actually run a business. Full of misplaced hype & ego. Full of ‘I’ll teach you how to run a business and be just like me’ type coaches.

I was sick of it. To be honest, at this point, I was ready to throw in the towel. I was making good money and working with rad people, but I was ashamed to be part of the industry. I didn’t want to be associated with any of it.

And so, the more I geeked out on Mad Men, the more I leaned into branding. I immersed myself in it. I read every book. I took courses. I devoured every single article, video, podcast. Every step I took away from coaching and towards branding reaffirmed that this was the right place for me.

The next step for me was to get some real experience in the agency world. So I called a friend back home and asked if I could do some work experience with him. That was the start of a rad friendship and a massive learning curve.

Super Stoked, in that time, evolved even further. I pulled it apart and rebuilt it several times. I found the type of clients I worked with changing. No longer was I just working with newbie entrepreneurs. I started working with corporate clients. Established companies who were rebranding. Non-profits who wanted to gain more traction. Super smart business owners who were ready to go to the next level.

And the work lit me up. So I niched in further. I read more books. I took more courses. I became slightly obsessed with brand identity and brand strategy. And now, when I peer back into the world of coaching, I feel pretty freaking stoked I got outta there. Don’t get me wrong, there are some incredible coaches out there, but it’s just not a place I wanna hang out anymore.

Yikes this turned out to be a long story ha ha. But an important one to share. Because I wanted to give you some context on what’s about to happen. Over the coming weeks, you’ll start to see some changes around here. Hello Glow Coaching will transition to Hello Glow Branding. Super Stoked is getting a revamp. It has evolved so so much in the last 4 years that it needs more than just a lick of paint.

And so things might seem to go a little quiet here. I’m 2 weeks away from taking part in a rad workshop in London. 3 weeks away from another SUPKids trip to Cali. 6 weeks away from running an epic event in Portugal. All the while, rebuilding my website, rebranding & making some final tweaks to Super Stoked. Ha ha, so yeah, a little crazy round here.

But I wanted to share this with you for two reasons : One, because I’m so stoked on where this is heading. And two, because all too often, entrepreneurs get way too rigid when it comes to business, too fixated on one idea and one path. And I’m here to tell you that wherever your business is at right now, whether it’s still a rad idea in your head, or an established company…. it will change. You will move in directions you didn’t know possible. Things that you thought were epic at the start will likely make you cringe at some point. People will show up and influence your journey. You’ll have some epic wins and some epic losses. And each one will teach you something and shape the future of what you are creating. Stop thinking that there is only one way of doing this. Flow with it. Let yourself change. Evolution rocks :-)

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