My 48 Hours with the Apple Watch

With my job I have the ability to try out some of the latest wearable tech that seems to be flooding every tech website I visit on a daily basis.

One of which was the Apple Watch. As an Apple fanboy, when our company decided to purchase one my little apple core jumped with excitement.

But after 5 minutes playing with the interface, being annoyed at the colour of the strap they bought, I was done. I saw what I needed to see.

To rectify my childhood excitement of a new toy, I decided to take the Apple Watch out of the office and into the real world.

Here is what I think about the Watch after 48 hours of use:

  1. All I really want it just a watch — I don’t wear a watch often enough. In fact the majority of time that I look at my iPhone is for the time.
  2. Activity monitor is cool — Telling me to stand every now again is a good incentive to get the blood flowing. But after a couple of months I can see that getting extremely annoying.
  3. Answering a call is very James Bond — It wouldn’t be something I would do in public, but talking to your watch like a secret agent is cool in any regard.
  4. The white wrist strap is the worst — I loved my White Macbook. It’s a key colour and product of the history of Apple. But they stopped using it as their base colour for obvious reasons: it gets dirty too easily and you stand out enough with a computer on wrist.
  5. I don’t really need another excuse to not talk to my friends — I have been actively not using my iPhone when I am with friends. What could be so important on Twitter or Instagram that I can’t sit for a hour or two without looking at social media platforms? Now a watch is notifying me every so often and I have to look at it as my OCD-ness is telling me to clear the notification, so it gets back to its perfection.
  6. Safe goodbye to iPhone battery life — Again as small computer in your pocket, the iPhone does pretty well to last an entire day. But that gets greatly reduced when paired to the Apple Watch. And the Watch needs the iPhone to connect to, so without it, the Watch goes back its main and only function.
  7. I really just need a watch.
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