Blazing fast notifications
Abhishek Nandi

Hi Abhishek,

While your use cases are good examples, there are plenty of other use cases where you’d want to send push notifications based on 1) an activity that a user just performed in your app, 2) an activity that the user didn’t do — classic cart abandonment, 3) target users based on their geographic location, 4) New user vs. old user etc. Sometimes you’d also not want to send too many notifications to a user — so you apply frequency capping.

This is where platforms like CleverTap come into the picture. Not only can you use it to send a blast to all users, or users who’ve subscribed to a certain topic ala Parse, but also send personalized, timely push notifications based on any of the use cases I’ve listed above. We do it blazing fast, with a fair degree of success rate.

I suggest you check out this section — to appreciate various push notification use cases.