6. Show Up

In my line of work, absentism rate is the most important metric of all. Your promotion is questionable if you don’t reach a good grade on this, and your leaves will be put on hold. Worst of all, your out of your boss’ good graces with too many absents, even when you make a huge sale.

When I first started out, I couldn’t close sales consistently. Somedays I was lucky, somedays I was not. But my Team Leader said she appreciated my efforts for coming to work everyday. She liked that I would still come to work even when I’m sick and I can hardly speak.

She told me, she believed in me. As long as I kept going to work, I would learn the ropes in time. And she was right.

Show up. Even when it’s hard. Even when you think you’re the worst in the team and that you bring everyone down. Show up. Even when you don’t want to and all you want to do is quit. Show up. Even when you don’t see your worth.

All other things will follow, but nothing will start if you don’t consistently become present in the picture. Nothing will happen while you still keep hiding behind your bed covers and sleep.

The first step is always showing up.

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