9. I’m excited about my final project

I know I’ve been debating with myself for the past week how I am going to go about my final website project for my coding crash course, and I’m not worried anymore. I’m honestly pretty excited. And I want to share it with you, as a testament to my ongoing process of thinking.

The Website: Aquaponics Ph Club Community Site

What’s is it? 
The website is a community page that aims to bring gardeners, aquaponics enthusiasts, and interested no-experience persons of planting together to share resources (ebooks, online shops), tips, advice about aquaponics gardening.

Why do this website? 
Personally, I have always been interested in making an aquaponics garden because it requires low manual labor, compared to traditional farming, and in the long run looks to be a profitable hobby. It is just in the early stage, and as such there are only few resources and reliable guides on how to do it properly. I see the potential of this kind of farming, as a profitable business and as a calming hobby, so I want to help it move forward.

What makes it different from other like-interest websites?
This is, first and foremost, a community webpage that aims to bring people together so everyone is inspired to act — and build their gardens.

  1. Gamified experience — users are given points whenever they share, comment, answer, write a blog post, etc. Different actions generate different game points. This is to bring in a little friendly competition in the community and to incorporate fun in the process of contributing to the website.
  2. Be notified about interesting topics only —users get to pick tags they are interested in, as well as questions and other users they like to follow. Their feed is customized according to their following list, so it will stay relevant to them.
  3. Maximize user participation — users can easily post a question or write a blog about their experience. User experience aims to make contributing to the website as easy and as seamless as possible.
  4. Users modify each other — users can upvote and downvote an answer, and recommend other blogs. This helps to keep relevant answers and blogs on top, where others can easily see them.

My Workflow

  1. Make mock ups of all webpages in Balsamiq
  2. Pick colors and fonts and finalize
  3. Code html and css parts
  4. Make sure it is responsive to be opened in a smartphone
  5. Make dummy database
  6. Include database in code
  7. Include CRUD in website
  8. Test CRUD to work

To be continued… #100daysofwritinghonestly #the100daysproject Day 9

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