Sometimes we all need a challenge. Mine was to find out how much effort it would be to support Apple’s new Dark Mode on Colloq. It turned out that it was more work than initially anticipated, but I stayed on it for a couple more hours, cleaned up code and eventually made it work. Since today, you may see various differences throughout the entire interface.

What’s Dark Mode

First of all I want to explain what I’m talking about. With macOS Mojave, Apple introduced a new color scheme called “dark mode”. When activated, the entire operating system switches to a dark appearance, which…

Event organisers have a tough job. They spend hundreds of hours and a lot of energy into organising an event, but are rarely known personally by the attendees. Since we’re all about connecting people, we want to give our users the possibility to get to know the people doing all the hard work to bring these conferences to life.

Our event pages now feature a new section that is entirely dedicated to the people who are organizing the event. …

We honestly hope that no one ever needs to cancel their event, but having experienced this situation ourselves before have to stay realistic: Sometimes things happen and events need to be cancelled. From today on, we offer the possibility to cancel your events on Colloq.

In case you need to cancel your event, we now give you a new option to cancel an event, which you are able to do, if you’re part of the organizer team. After cancelling an event, we will show a banner and other indicators that this event will not take place. …

Over the last weekend we have been hit by a spam attack and as a result, had to temporarily shut down our servers. Here is our detailed report to what has happened. Note: This incident was a spam attack which flooded our platform with random events and no data has been compromised, breached or leaked.

What happened

On Saturday September 8th, around 12pm European time we discovered an unusually high amount of user signups and event creations. As it happened on a Saturday, it took us a little longer than usual to dig into the issue.

After analyzing what exactly was happening…

We’ve not stopped working after July and here are a few new things we added to our service over the past week.

Call for Papers CSV and JSON Export

To make talk selection easier for our Pro organizers who run their Call for Papers on Colloq, we added data export of submissions. You can now export the available data in either CSV or JSON format, for example to use it in Excel, Numbers or other software.

Note that you only get the information currently available in the web interface as well. …

We recently added auto-resizing textarea elements to our service and here’s how we managed to do that with just a few lines of code in JavaScript.

ES6 Classes

Our complete JavaScript code is written in ECMAScript 6 Classes. We don’t use any library such as React.js, vue.js or similar but instead write plain JavaScript. Until now we don’t have the need to add a big framework and our codebase yet is very tidy due to the usage of new language features. To ensure we are compatible with older browsers, we use Bublé — a faster alternative to the Babel transpiler.

To ensure…

We continue to work on Colloq almost every day and currently focus on some bigger updates which require a good amount of planning first. We started work on one of them and a second one will hopefully follow right after. We’re sure you’ll love the things to come. But now for what we’ve done in the past weeks: Support in Coverage

We’re happy to say that from now on we’ll recognize links from in our coverage and can display these links with some more details.

Support Availability

We added improvements to our contact form: We all work in different timezones and realized that it…

Today I read an article called “Outlasting” that I could relate very much with. It inspired me to write about building a long-lasting business and patience.

You in business? What are you doing to last? Not to grow. Not to gain. Not to take. Not to win. But to last? — Jason Fried in Outlasting

It describes the way I build software and websites since ever — building a thing that lasts for as long as I can imagine it to last.In the past, I related this to how I create a codebase so that it lasts for years and…

Just yesterday we announced improvements to our email service and today we’d like to show you a new way to manage your newsletter subscription preferences in your Colloq account.

Our newsletter is available to everyone, including people who have no Colloq account. We now make it easier for our existing users to choose whether to receive the monthly writing or not. By default, you will not receive the newsletter as want to make it our users’ choice and not ours to read the content. …

With the latest updates we improved the search result information and we are now able to send service announcements reliably to our users. This is serves as the foundation for more upcoming features.

Better Search Results

We received some feeback that our search results could reveal more useful information about events. We took this chance to improve the information we show as well as the layout. With this change, search results not only look nicer, but you can now easily see the event’s date, location, coverage availability and other information directly on the search results page.

Filter Events by “Open Call for Papers”

We added our first filter to the…

Anselm Hannemann

Founder of Frontend Developer and Photographer. Ethics matter. I do @colloq_io, @wdrlinfo, @nightlybuildio, former @workingdraft host.

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