How to Get Inspiration from a Business Idea When You’re Paralyzed


Every day we see startups appealing to investors and their potential customers whatever it is that they offer differently. While the other part of the world is doing just that, you, on the other hand, are reading about it on your newsfeed.

If you are a part of the small percentage that WANTS to be an entrepreneur, has a brilliant business idea that could change the game or have a huge amount of investment potential, but have yet to take the first step, keep this in mind:


You may be passionate about lobsters and you want to be the next big gourmet restaurant in your city BUT you haven’t taken the first few steps in launching it. You have an envisioned template, colours you want to put on your signage, a fun looking lobster cartoon for your logo and so on… but have you thought about where to source your lobsters yet? Have you determined the costs of your ingredients? Have you asked how much the lease contract is in that place you’ve been eyeing for months?

IF not, then what is stopping you?

The real first step in becoming an entrepreneur is breaking away from paralysis. This paralysis often happens when you struggle to act on what you want to do because of an indecision. You ask yourself many times, do I even have the time to do this? Should I do this? Maybe not. It’s such a long way to go, I think I’ll do it later.

Later becomes never until the idea dissipates into oblivion — — for nobody to ever see or experience at all.

Being an entrepreneur means breaking from this paralysis. You may be passionate about a lot of things, but only acting on it would make it a reality. So if passion is not enough, what else is needed for sparks to fly?


Obsession is defined as the domination of one’s thoughts or feelings by a persistent idea, image, desire, etc.

When you are obsessed with an idea, you never stop thinking about it and you relentlessly pursue it, work on it until one idea is realised after the other. You work on it until you notice the passion fueling that desire and you almost feel your head whirling with such determination and progress because you can almost see your ideas come to life.

Passion fuels your dreams while obsession jumpstarts it. It also takes you where you want to go, never stopping, pushing you further than you’ve ever thought you could go.

Has this happened to you? Is there something you’ve wanted so bad you never stopped until you achieved it?