3 Reasons Why You Should Add More Plant-Based Options To Your Diet

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I’d like to start by saying “plant-based” does not mean vegan, or even vegetarian. We love and support vegans and vegetarians alike, but we will never stop celebrating the meat eaters. Plant-based is defined by what it includes, not what it excludes. We like that here.

“plant-based” does not mean vegan, or even vegetarian.

So. What does plant-based even really mean? I don’t mean to insult your intelligence, but plant-based means ‘derived from plants’. Veggies, whole grains, nuts, seeds, legumes & fruit. But you’re right, it goes deeper than that. Plant-based diets focus on minimally processed foods, limits animal products, skirts around refined sugars and processed oils, and very specifically focuses on food quality. It made sense to us to strive for a more plant-based menu, because we were already putting the effort in to make sure all of our ingredients were of the highest quality, sourced locally and organic where possible. We boiled it down to 3 solid reasons why a plant base is the best base.

1. Look Good

Maintaining a more plant-based diet has some serious advantages. Not even just inside, either. Stuff you can SEE. (Literally: carrots, kale, zucchini and sweet potatoes are four of many veggies that can potentially improve your eyesight, and eating less processed, refined foods will prevent macular degeneration later in life.) Not to mention the antioxidants and vitamins that will have your skin cleared up and glowing.

2. Feel Good

Arguably more importantly, however, a plant-based diet prevents diabetes, hypertension, stroke & heart disease. The latter are America’s two highest causes of death. (We really have GOT to be better. There are so many things so much further out of our control to die from. Seriously.) Of course, another side effect of eating more directly from the Earth, is weight loss and “staying regular.” You’ll be cute from the inside out.

My mom always told me that the most vitamins and nutrition come from the brightest, most colorful foods. (She did not laugh when I inserted a Lucky Charms joke here.) Turns out, as it usually does, she was right. Look at bell peppers. Super bright reds, oranges and yellows. Those are carotenoids, and they serve as antioxidants. Meanwhile, broccoli is over here killing potential cancer cells with its indole-3-carbinol. What a superstar.

3. Be Good

Health, looks… what else? How about this little old thing called Planet Earth. You know the one. Plant-based living significantly reduces carbon emissions (sticking to Meatless Monday could actually save thousands of tons of carbon emissions) and gets rid of the waste byproducts that end up in the oceans, destroying the ecosystem. Boom.

Eat some plants, save the world!

And there you have it. Definitely not all of it, but I’m not here to give a full hour-long lecture. Make your own decisions based on your own beliefs, but just know you are always welcome to shovel down an Impossible burger at your local Bareburger. The next day can be Bison. Love you.