7 Ways To Save Money While Buying Organic

The price points of organic food versus conventional food is sometimes enough to tempt you right back over to the dark side. Especially when studying the price tags right next to one another. Combat that, with this:

1. Stick to a Plan

Make a list, check it twice. And whatever you do, do NOT go to the grocery store hungry. Plan meals for the week, maybe going every other day without meat. Choose recipes that share common ingredients to minimize waste.

2. Value Your Leftovers

Dinner leftovers = next day’s lunch. Stretch it out!

3. Plant-Based Diets Will Always be Cheaper

Have you ever noticed how inexpensive the entire produce section is at Trader Joe’s, and then you go over to the meat section and your eyes get wide and you start muttering to yourself about how maybe you don’t need that steak dinner after all? Organic and ethically-raised meat is expensive. If you’re not interested in going full vegetarian or vegan, a good way to save money is simply eating less meat than usual. (Rocket science, I know.) Remember, plenty of high-quality organic proteins come from eggs, beans, tofu and nuts.

4a. Shop Around

If Trader Joe’s has a remarkably inexpensive produce section, but the meats are out of your range, find the meats elsewhere. (Again with the rocket science!) Costco offers a pretty large selection of organic meat, and when bought in bulk (use this freezer guide!) you can get a pretty good bang for your buck.

4b. Buy Directly from Farmers

Skip the corporate middleman. Who needs him. Making friends at your local farmer’s market has been known to change lives for the better. Pretty soon, your bread guy will be saving the best loaf for you. Your leek lady will start giving you BOGO deals that don’t exist for anyone else. Even without exclusive deals and tight friendships, you’ll experience significant savings and a much more wholesome shopping trip.

5. Grab the Scissors — You’re a Coupon Cutter Now

Organic food coupons are fewer and further between than non-organic, but it’s worth the extra work. Try this site for money off your favorite organic goodies. Email your favorite organic companies — they usually have coupons on hand to send out!

On a related note, if you have a smartphone, download some money-saving apps. Ibotta gives you $10 just for redeeming your first offer upon sign-up. Fetch Rewards is a points-based system that rewards you each time you scan and submit a receipt. Checkout 51 give you $2 when you redeem your first offer and Berry Cart offers deals exclusively on organic products.

6. Do It Yourself

If you have a free day, set aside a couple of hours to whip up your own organic snacks. This can be done weekly, and it will save you a wad of cash in prepackaged snack fare. Bonus: you know exactly what’s going into these goodies, and you have complete creative control to add or subtract flavors and ingredients. This is what we call a win-win-win.

7. Grow Your Own

Speaking of DIY, what if you went one step further than cooking? It’s time to utilize your windowsill for good. Many types of herbs do quite well indoors, and can save you bucket loads of money in the long run. Here is your complete guide to kitchen herb-growing success. Outside of herbs, do you know many fruits and veggies are able to grow just from scraps of themselves? It’s like veggie reincarnation. Reinvegnation. Eh, I’ll workshop it. Here are 25 foods you can regrow from their own compostable bits.

And there you have it. Money saved, local friendships made. Hit the comment section with tips and tricks of your own. Love you.