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Moving across to working client-side? Congratulations! Here’s what you need to know to make a smooth transition.

I hear a lot of presentations where huge numbers of ‘impressions’ are bandied about and I often have a hard time understanding what they mean in practical terms. For a long time, I thought that I didn’t have a good enough handle on the numbers side of things. I mean…


In my fruit bowl are two Fitbits, about a third of my tax receipts for the year, various foreign coins, some super glue, and five sachets of ‘mega’ Vitamin C gels. As I’m not exactly big on fruit, the Vitamin C could be helpful. But that’s not why it’s there.

What working in cinemas taught me.

From when I was 16 until when I was 22 I worked in cinemas. Usually this was part time, and cinemas saw me right from the end of high school, through my Film, Television and Media Studies Bachelor of Arts, through my internship and…

A particular challenge when you’re building a community is what you decide to do when that community starts talking back. Until this time, it’s tempting to think of this group of profiles (aka people) as just another marketing channel.

Social channels are often established in the hope that they will…

Hint: Snacks

When I started my little consultancy (@ScreenHerd) I quickly realised that a big part of what I had to do before I properly could get going was to equip my potential clients (people that make films) with the tools to actually ask for the services…

Me & My Language

In the office I currently spend some of my time in, I’ve taken to calling the woman next to me my ‘Office Millenial’. It comes from a place of curiosity and envy- I’m endlessly fascinated by what her and her friends are doing- and frankly, she’s a great resource…

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Social media is an important way to speak directly to your audience. Before you build a social media presence, you need to examine your goals. These might include:

Whatever your goals…

Two weeks ago, I received the 41st Kickstarter update from the Veronica Mars movie team. It began:

Dear Backers,

This morning we began the eleventh day of what we expect to be a 23-day shoot.

You’ll be happy to hear that things couldn’t be going much better. We had about…

Why You Need to Get Better at Sharing

I'm endlessly confused by the fact that the independent film industry doesn't seem to be capitalising on the opportunities offered by social media. For a number of reasons which are commonly batted about, film-makers are faced with new obstacles in reaching their audience. As one answer to narrowing traditional distribution…

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