Why it is very important to show that you are a strong woman in Nigeria

I briefly touched on this topic earlier in the day with a quick story that I shared on Twitter (you can read the full thread here).

But there really is a lot more to say on this and that’s why I’ve decided to write an article to try and explain why it is very important to not only be a strong woman in Nigeria, but to show it!

Asides for obvious reasons, like empowering women like yourself to be the best versions of themselves, showing just how much of a fantastic woman you are will definitely help give the “feminism” movement a well deserved facelift in Nigeria — without really lifting a finger. This now broadens the horizon as It’s not a feat that can be achieved by women alone. It’s a collective effort that needs support from both genders.

Like I mentioned in one of my tweets, I met strong women. What set these women apart, in my eyes, from other women that I met is that they gave room for their strengths to shine. Unapologetically.

She’s unapologetic of the fact that climbed to the top of her career ladder. She’s unapologetic of the fact that she’s a free thinker. An open learner. A lover of all open learners like herself.

She’s unapologetic of the fact that she owns her own. She maintains her own and delievers her own. She’s unapologetic of the fact that there’s still so much for her to learn and acquire despite the fact that a lot of people like us already look up to her.

She’s an unapologetic mother.

An unapologetic grandmother.

An unapologetic wife.

An unapologetic citizen of the Federal Republic of Nigeria who will give her voice and who will not give you the room to make her feel sorry for exploring things open to all.

Build a table and bring your strengths to that table.