Hello Capital says hello to everybody

Hello, there!

This is Hello Capital, nice to meet you all. We are a research-focused fund dedicated to tapping potential blockchain and metaverse industry projects governed by HelloDAO.

First of all,Let me introduce our values to you to know more about us.

Think outside the box

Most people have been through the process of being implanted into rules, accepting rules, and adapting to rules since we were born. Society and ourselves have added layers of invisible and visible shackles to ourselves, especially in our way of thinking. However, We can experience the technology revolution only because people dare to break conventions and think differently. The blockchain world is also born in this, so we regard thinking outside the box as our primary.

Crave for the unknown

Be humble and stay foolish,always respect and doubt the existing consensus and crave for the unknown. The things known to mankind are like a drop in the ocean in the infinite unknown, and more importantly, it is the unknown that creates infinite possibilities. Who would have thought that the scene in the movie 《Ready Player One》will soon become our way of life in the future?

Live in the present

If there is truth in the world, we think it must be “living in the present.” The market often drives us crazy, makes us regret or want to escape, but we can only learn the lessons of the past and plan for the future. The focus is on the process, not the result. Above all, “live in the present” means being able to fully accept the present. It is the secret to keeping people objective. People can survive in the market only when they are as objective as possible. The most important thing is that only by living in the present could one not miss life.

These are our values. If you agree with us to a certain extent, welcome to join us or cooperate with us in any way. Let’s upgrade together.

As for what we can do for all startups, and what makes us different, I sum it up in three words:


Hello Capital, just like our name, with many years of practical experience, can provide entrepreneurs with the most friendly investment services, financial support, strategy consulting, marketing resources, etc.


Hello Capital focuses on the blockchain and metaverse industries. And is dedicated to being the best company for entrepreneurs who are willing to be deeply involved in the industry as well.


Adhering to the concept of win-win and long-term, we hope to together with the entrepreneurs to promote the prosperity of the industry and share dividends.

At last, let me introduce HelloDAO:

We believe that decentralized autonomous organizations have been and will be the main way for people to collaborate in the future, so Hello Capital also adopts the form of DAO for governance. Welcome to join us.



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