Regardless of the dating app you’re planning to use, nor does it matter what kinds of rules or precautions these apps implement, you must always take care of your own safety, because there will never be a true way of preventing unsafe people on any app or platform.

Common sense, in this case, is the best way to stop terrible acts from occurring on dating apps. Because of the number of dates that occur due to dating apps, it can be easy to get lost in the possible scenarios that go awry.

You can prevent these kinds of situations before…

Everybody eventually chats with someone they never meet with, even with the intentions of meeting. You think everything’s going great and then the next minute, they’re gone! You never even noticed how quickly it all ended.

Don’t blame yourself. We know it’s the easiest thing to do, in some cases anyway, but there are many reasons why this occurs, and it doesn’t always mean you did something wrong. No, you weren’t too pushy, and no, you weren’t not pushy enough — it may have happened due to some of the reasons we’ll mention down below.


People and being Busy

We all know how…

If we want to be real, gentlemen, looks aren’t everything, but they’re certainly important when it comes to online dating. Personality is a key fact, and many females claim to prefer it over looks, but you can’t get to know someone’s personality on a dating app without first saying Yes due to the intrigue of someone’s appearance.

The key to taking a good photo isn’t a mystery, it isn’t difficult, and it isn’t common, sadly. So we’ll discuss a few simple ways to get a few good photos and improve your odds of getting a match.


Keep it Clear and Simple

Your photo needs…

Hello Dating is a new dating app we’ve launched with a very singular purpose: bringing people together through creativity and security. It doesn’t really matter what you’re looking for because you will find it with us. Are you looking for true love? Perhaps wanting to make some friends? A long-lasting relationship? Maybe bae?

We’ve created the app with minimalism and simplicity in mind while giving you extensive freedom to express yourself however you want. …

Hello Dating

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