Romance, love and monogamy

Let us talk about Monogamy and foreeeever

“How can a man love just one woman for the rest of his life” is a famous quote from the wedding party.

The quote does have a point. You got more than one friend and one job offer in a life time. You got more than one social media account. But one must stick to one woman for the rest of ones life! Is one enough?

After the rush of the romance- time and change takes center stage in a relationship between couples. The people in love begin to have new dreams, responsibilities, plans and desires that were not there at first- these changes sort-of drives the couple apart and give room for a new type of person to fit in. Can two people really enjoy the same thing for a life time?

Work, Job, mid-age crisis, ambitions, raising babies, money matter…all these adult things tend to make the relationship look like a job and stressful (once upon a time, the relationship used to be an escape from stress. *sighs*)

As life continue to happen, couples might find solace in new admirers that shower attention and offer some sort of adventure. lovers must be resolute to be each others best friends, lovers must strive to make the relationship a safe haven from the world and as the vow says ‘forsaking all others’.

When romance becomes a childish affair, burn the candle of love and inhale the fragrance of sweet memories- deliberately shut the door on other admirers and adore your spouse, exaggerate their mortality, adore them as though they do no wrong, for everything wrong you tell them, fill their heads with eleven things they do right (the 12th thing is a Judas to their good nature). Focus on them, fight for them not with them.

May you grow old with your lover