Full-page banner ads suck . What do they do for me other than disrupt me from doing something I want to do? Full-page ads are like if I walked into a coffee shop and before I ordered, the barista made me hear about what tires are best for my car…

The Story Explorer update last week and yesterdays Deep Linking to ‘Discover’ Content are great updates for Snapchat. They are building such a great product. What a vision! No wonder Evan Spiegel is the Digital Executive of the Year. He helms the hottest brand on the planet and I can’t wait to see where he is taking it.

Most marketers are still ignoring the platform. Snapchat is way more than it’s teenage stereotype. My advice.

Spend some time on it and truly consume it. Don’t get left behind. Go where your consumers’ attention is at.

Keep killing it Snapchat

Story Explorer Example

Deep Linking Example

It wasn’t until I found myself sitting in Row 12 Seat A, on my flight home from SXSW, that I was able to fully reflect on the previous 4-days filled with events, lectures, parties, technology, and all the networking one could ask for. …

If you are not familiar with Postmates, you should be. It is basically a delivery service that works like Lyft or Uber. Over the weekend I decided to try them for the first time, as I was tired of the current delivery options out there. Plus I was craving a…

Brands forget the real meaning of the word social.

They forget why people are there in the first place and completely ignore how they behave.

Why a user behaves differently on Facebook than on Twitter.
Why they use SnapChat to send a selfie.
Why they post their photo on Instagram.
Why they set up a YO alert.
and why they use messaging apps instead of text.

You can’t build a relationship without connecting. You can’t expect to walk in to a room a befriend everyone.

Relevancy is the result of delivering value and you don’t deliver value if all you do is push a product.

Understand the why people are there first before you begin to talk to them. Especially if all you want to do at the end is sell to them.

David Munoz

Fascinated with storytelling in a a.d.d. generation. Lover of Culture, Design, Art, Music, and Futbol — Strategy Director @VMLYR

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