Hey y’all!

I’m Tomas, the creator of DUSKO. I’m super stoked to bring this to life today.

Tomas Jasovsky
Nov 28, 2017 · 3 min read

After a few months of late night hustles, weekend meetings and photo shoots with some really awesome people, the team and I are happy to announce our official launch 🚀 First, you’re probably wondering… why the hell do we need another hipster looking apparel brand, am I right?

I’ve worked in the tech industry my entire career as a designer, product manager, entrepreneur, and currently as Creative Manager at InVisionapp.com. Although I love what I do, having a creative outlet for non-work related projects is imperative to my creative sanity. It gives me perspective, and helps me see things from a new angle.

For me, being a designer isn’t just a job description. It’s a lifestyle. Design has defined so many aspects of my life — it’s everything to me. It’s what I eat and breathe, it’s the way I live my life. That’s why having a personal project where I can work with tangible, physical objects is so important to me. Having an outlet to create and build whatever I want without limitations and restrictions is an absolute essential for keeping the balance between my professional and personal life.

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The initial kick, where it all started

A few years back, my girlfriend and I launched a small project with some very limited edition hand-sewn wallets called madeindays.com. This was just a small taste of what it’s like to make a handmade product. And honestly, I enjoyed the heck out of it. From the whole design process to the creation, marketing and distribution. It has been a few years since then and a few personal projects later, but it’s been worth the wait. It’s exciting to finally have a proper workshop, complete with all the big boy machines.

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First project few years ago www.madeindays.com

At first, I didn’t have the intention to release my own lifestyle brand. As I focused more on designing and producing company swag, I realized I could do this on my own. I love leading my own projects, and I’ve been itching to work with physical products again. So, why the hell not launch my own brand, where I can design and produce any type of product I love and enjoy wearing or using? It really is that simple 😃

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Custom leather journals for a good friend Dann Petty at Epicurrence №6 in Zion, Utah.

What is DUSKO?

DUSKO is a lifestyle brand; unchained and never limited by trends, materials, or technology. Together with true craftsmen like Analog Bros, Mr. Wood, and more, we meticulously work out every possible detail to make sure each piece is as functional as it is aesthetically pleasing. As they say, the devil is in the details! It’s those finishing touches, from button placement to product packaging that can make or break the feel and functionality of a product.

DUSKO products include high-quality cotton t-shirts, limited-edition accessories, resilient leather everyday gear, and more of the stuff that keeps you going. Each DUSKO product is made to be both inspiring and functional: there’s nothing here I wouldn’t want to use every day.

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I hope you find this new “hipster apparel brand” is about more than just pretty things, but actual care and quality and good design. The team and I are excited to finally be launching our latest baby into the world and we look forward to hearing feedback from friends and customers everywhere.

Stay awesome,


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