In 2018, #PassTheERA is a World Changing Idea

And we want to say thank you to the team that made it possible


We were thrilled to wake up yesterday morning and see #PasstheERA as a finalist on Fast Company’s 2018 World Changing Ideas list — a particularly timely announcement preceding Equal Pay Day. Pay inequity is just one of the many reasons that a Constitutional Equal Rights Amendment is long overdue.

We are not driven by awards, but we are touched by the recognition for this passion project. The budget for this effort has been our collective heart and soul, fueled by a spirit of collaboration to impact the cause. Following the Women’s March, we set out to create an open-source, grassroots campaign that let creators express the issue in their own style — in the tradition of protest signs rather than having a singular, branded, top-down campaign. Part of the approach involved bringing together some of the brightest creative thinkers and technologists to give Americans the necessary assets and tools to stoke their own conversations online and offline, and inspire action around the ERA. More than anything, we see this as an exciting example of people using their experience and platforms to work on an issue they’re passionate about, and it’s only the beginning.

We hope this recognition ignites our continued work of waking up America to the fact that gender equality is not written in to our Constitution, as this nomination emphasized an important reality: passing the ERA is seen as a new and somewhat revolutionary idea in 2018, nearly one century after the amendment was first proposed to congress in 1923.

There is undoubtedly a lot of work to be done in education and awareness around the ERA, which can be challenging (80% of Americans believe it already exists). As a resource, we wanted to re-share a recent Forbes Women article co-written by enso’s Molly Tormey and Jessica Neuwirth of the ERA Coalition“The Time is Now for the Equal Rights Amendment”, which illustrates why people should use the momentum from #MeToo, Time’s Up, and Women’s March protests to help pass the ERA. We hope this can be used and referenced as a tool to understand the amendment, and as an additional shareable resource along with yesterday’s article from Fast Company.

To all of the passionate individuals who have contributed: your work and energy has succeeded in bringing more visibility to this cause. Thank you for fanning the flames.

Press on!

The ERA Team at enso

Thank you to the following individuals who have contributed to #PassTheERA 🙏

ERA Coalition
Jessica Neuwirth, President and Director of the newly formed ERA Coalition/Fund for Women’s Equality
Carol Jenkins, Secretary of the ERA Coalition/Fund for Women’s Equality
Bettina Hager, DC Director of the ERA Coalition and Fund for Women’s Equality

enso team
Kerry Stranman, Insights Lead
Molly Tormey, Account Lead
Emily-Rose Wagner, Senior Producer
Alice Pang + Sean McNamara
Enso creative contributors: Kirk Souder, Kendra Wan, Laura Proenza, Benson Rong, Betty Kim, Lindy Shibata, Daniel Hall, Rob Cha, Emilio Canton

creative pro bono collaborators
Kelli Miller and Kendra Eash, Nika Offenbac, Julia Blackburn, Ginger Robinson, Monica Taylor, Jessica Vacek, Stephanie Sigg

strategic pro bono collaborators
Ilana Bryant, Sigrid Jakob, Stephanie Phillips, and Jennifer Urich

DB5 pro bono research
Dan Goldstein, CSO and co-founder

ERA design hackers
Alexandra Johnes, Ali Vingiano, Amber Justis, Asha Dahya, Ashley White, Becka Klauber, Ben Stein, Betty Kim, Camille Yaptinchay, Carla Fernandez, Chloe Drimal, Chris Torrens, William Robertston, Eileen Matthews, Emily Bloom, Lindy Shibata, Jacqueline Wei, Jessica Bendinger, Joshua Lee, Kasey Edwards, Kelly Schoeffel, Krissy Wall, Lesley Morphy, Maria Galleriu, Marquis Love, Michelle Kim, Natalie Bui, Natalie Sun, Rebecca Whitney, Sara Saedi, Sarah Chung, Stephanie Phoutrides, Tanya Alejandra Paz, Tasha Goldthwait, Viktor Venson, Jeff Striker

Rebecca Ruiz, Mashable: Gender equality initiative gets new life thanks to a bunch of irreverent memes
Ali Vingiano, Buzzfeed: Are Women Equal?
Ben Paynter, Fast Company: These Clever Ads Remind You That The Constitution Still Doesn’t Guarantee Women Equal Rights

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