Frosty Pop Part of Freshman Class of Games on Netflix

Frosty Pop games part of Netflix game launch.

It delights Frosty Pop to share that we are part of the Freshman Class of games launching on Netflix today. Android users can find Teeter (Up) and Shooting Hoops, among a collection of games, going live today.

And we couldn’t be more grateful.

You can read more about it on Netflix’s official blog:

Oh, we’ve also got a new website up too.

Be well. Be safe. Be cool (beans).

Frosty Pop Releases Arcade Runner Bowling Ballers on Netflix

Bowling Ballers by Frosty Pop on Netflix

It’s thirty years after the 1991 Iowa State Bowling Championship. And you’re back in full effect. You’re a little bit smaller, a better shot caller, paying you that dollar, you’re a Bowling Baller.

This is probably our most Frosty game to date, and we’re stoked to launch Bowling Ballers, the…

Frosty Pop’s game about love and sharing featured on the App Store for World Kindness Day

Frosty Pop featured on App Store.

“ Some games are about achieving high scores; others are about conquering enemies. The new BeanKind by Ketnipz? It’s about love and coming together with players across the world.” • App Store Editorial

Partner Faisal Sethi spoke to the App Store Editorial team about Frosty Pop’s social experiment BeanKind. …

A social experiment to spread love and kindness.

Ketnipz x Frosty Pop on the App Store.


[Vancouver Island, October 9, 2020]

Frosty Pop introduces their latest social experiment, BeanKind, a collaboration with the British artist behind Ketnipz, Harry Hambley.

Designed with the sole aim of spreading kindness across communities around the world, the social experiment centres around the universal theme of love. By tapping Ketnipz’s…

A solitaire-style boxing game.

Deck ‘Em! available for pre-order on the App Store

Look, kid. You’re not even a contender. You’re a nobody. A total long shot. The champ is a stone cold killer. As big as a ox. Stronger than oak. But you got a lot of heart, kid.

And Mickey loves you.

Deck ‘Em! is a solitaire style boxing card game. Try and survive twelve rounds with the undisputed champion of the world, and you’ll be a winner in my books.

Deck ‘Em! is now available for pre-order on the App Store. The game will be love September 3, 2020.

Deck ‘Em! has no ads. No IAP. And, it’s totally free.

Be well. Be safe.

Frosty Pop

Playful original games and things. Victoria + Portland + London

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