• NetBramha Studios

    NetBramha Studios

    Full-Service UX/UI Studio Focused on Research + Strategy + Design

  • Christopher Davis

    Christopher Davis

    I like to design, write, cook and think about things.

  • Alexander Wright

    Alexander Wright

    UX Designer for Five Q Communications. Christ-follower, husband, and father. Music, movie, and outdoors lover.

  • Andy Lee

    Andy Lee

    UX Designer at @Google

  • Twoodo


    The ultimate teamwork tool. Collaboration using # and @. (1min video: http://t.co/Y63n0BF6a1)

  • Neill Bolton

    Neill Bolton

    Your local software engineer, creative, travel bug, serial entrepreneur, and zen buddhist.

  • Alex Araujo

    Alex Araujo

    Visual & UI Designer

  • Geetaa Bhatt

    Geetaa Bhatt

    User Experience Professional, Designer

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