Branding for a Movement, Not Just a Moment

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The World is Changing — but you already knew that. The last six months have been a seismic shift. From a global pandemic to an economic crisis to a political nightmare to a long-overdue racial reckoning, the way we all think about the world around us will be forever altered.

While we’ve all spent most of 2020 carefully choosing how to expend energy and with who, we have also slowly shifted the way we think about the things we buy. Mindful purchasing is the new normal. Amazon may have shown us what convenience looks like, but many of us are opting out whenever our privilege allows us to. They say you can choose two between “fast, cheap, and good,” but in a post-pandemic world, “good” is no longer negotiable. We demand real values from not just our friends and family, but from the brands we consume.

So how can businesses step up to this seemingly impossible challenge? The first step is to do a moral inventory. From labor and environmental practices to staff diversity, would you be proud to show off a peek behind the curtain? Because 2020 is about getting vulnerable; transparency is nearly mandatory. And now that you’re ready to tell your story, it’s important to do so in a way that doesn’t just feel “right,” but feels “real” — because it is.

If nothing else, this year has made our collective bullshit meter stronger. And with limited time, money, and attention, we favor those who skip what’s trendy and keep it authentic. We want real stories, told in a sharp and thoughtful way. The candor to not just tell who you are, but show the tangible impact behind brand action. We’re all just asking for a little bit better from each other. So be bold, speak from the heart, and keep it human.

Looking to tell your story? We can help.

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