13 Reasons Why (I’m Still Alive)

oh my dear shiny one, i’m thankful you see a future with you in it because you make the world a better place.

i love to help others. it gives me a massive rush. in september 2004 i lost just about everything in a stupid flood. my aunt’s best friend, a priest, gave her an envelope to give to me, an envelope containing $500 in cash. i declined and tried to gracefully push the envelope back to her. she gently, but firmly told me that i needed to accept that money so miracles could keep happening in his life. (HIS LIFE? Wait! WHAT?) my aunt went on to explain that the more money he gave away, the more money that came into his life. he felt called to participate in little miracles for people and i needed to learn to be a part of someone else’s giving the way i so often give. talk about a light bulb moment for me! someone needs to be the one being helped! if he felt half as good about helping as i feel about helping, i would gracefully accept his generous gift...and never forget it. basically i rambled all that to say #7 and #8 really are powerful.

i’m so thankful you are alive and fought against the dark times.

wishing you light, love, luck, and lollipops,


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