Accountability works when

This is easy, but I wanted to write it anyway. It works when both parties show up.

I have recently been recruited to be someone’s running buddy. I have always run by myself.

Who is holding you accountable?

Back up. I use to run a bunch, but haven’t. I started back running again the last couple of months.

Now, I’m running with someone. I see him as an accountability partner as well. And, this morning while running I was thinking about him as an accountability partner because he forces me to be there at 5 a.m. every morning to run.

However, it doesn’t work if he doesn’t show up. And, it certainly doesn’t work if I don’t show up.

Here is another thing. It doesn’t work if we both show up but don’t run.

So, for example, if I have an accountability partner to assure I’m walking out marriage in a healthy way and when we meet, we discuss nothing about my marriage. It really doesn’t work.

We both have to show up and then we have to put in the hard work of asking the questions and being truthful with our responses.

I have a love hate relationship with accountability, but it’s so good when I do it.


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