The power of the story

For a few years, I hosted an event called We Tell Stories. It started out with just a few people meeting on the canal in Bricktown in Oklahoma City.

It grew into having standing room only at Java Dave’s. We were in the news and it became a super popular event.

I did this for about 10 years. Or more. I’m really not sure but it was a long time.

The event consisted of poetry, comedy, interviews and live music. People would laugh, sing along with artists, join in via question of the night, etc.

But what made this event a true hit?

People connecting and friendships forming that went beyond this night. And this begin to happen because people begin to share with one another their stories.

Stories about their week as they sat and drank coffee or just while mingling during intermission or afterwards at Ihops.

The seed was planted in the name of the event i.e. We Tell Stories.

From the stage, I what constantly encourage the people to share at least the story about their week.

I believe in the power of stories. Your story.

Your story, our stories, is what allows us to connect with one another. It’s also the reason people come back to shop at your store or do business with you.

I recently had a friend tell me that a video on his website sharing his story has garnered him so much business. This was a video that I actually encouraged him to produce. His story is marvelous. You can watch the story at

I started a website called I invite entrepreneurs, visionaries, artists & more to tell their stories.

This year we want to help get 48 stories out in the world for others to be inspired by, learn from and connect with the person sharing his/her story.

I’m not sure why I’m writing this tonight. But, it’s probably because I believe that your STORY should be told and that it will be a difference maker for someone.

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