5 Things You Will Love About Avocode

Basic overview of Avocode and some survey stats.

Vu Hoang Anh
May 19, 2014 · 4 min read

About 25,000 people have already signed-up for the private beta of Avocode since we launched the website 2 weeks ago. Avocode is now being tested only by our developers and a small group of subscribers, because we wanted to make sure it’s ready for a bigger audience. Although many of you don’t have access to Avocode yet, we are already receiving a lot of feature requests. The list is now pretty long, but which feature should we implement first?

Well, we asked our subscribers about their workflow in this survey . The results helped us a lot! Here are 5 things we think you will love the most about Avocode:

1. Avocode supports more design formats including Sketch
Designers have different workflows and each of them uses a different design app. How are you supposed to know about all the ways to crop an image in Photoshop or Sketch? You are a developer not a designer after all. Avocode provides the same experience for all developers, regardless of the designer’s software. The designer can use Photoshop or Sketch but there is only one place to share the designs with you — Avocode.

77% of respondents use Photoshop and only 11% of respondents use Sketch

2. It’s cross-platform
When you work with Photoshop files you can’t use Linux and you can only use Mac if you work with Sketch designs. I know how annoying it is to switch between computers just to get one image from a PSD. Forget that with Avocode, you can work with any design format on any operating system you want.

Operating System usage of our respondents

3. You can get all the assets from one place
It’s never only Photoshop that you use to export all the assets. Actually, you have to buy at least 5 more apps just to get CSS, SVG, Sprites, images, font settings or dimensions. Some of them are listed here:

CSS Hat — Translate layer styles to CSS ($35)
PNG Hat — Exports layers to PNGs ($40)
Zeick — Generates vector shapes to SVG (Free)
Sprite Cow — Generates CSS for sprite sheet (Free)
SpecKing — Generates measurements & design specs($19)

I’m not saying that these apps are bad, not at all (some of them were even created by us). They are awesome if you use them along with Photoshop to export assets. But there is a better way, you can use only Avocode to get all of these assets and you don’t need to own Photoshop at all.

4. Automatic asset sync
OK, so you have successfully exported and implemented all the images. Designer suddenly makes a change and you have to go and manually export every single asset again. Seriously? Isn’t there something that could just automatically update the assets for you?
Yes! Avocode will be able to do that. Every time you export an asset, Avocode instantly uploads it to your private server or a CDN. It also remembers everything about the export, so next time when designer makes a change, Avocode will just automatically sync the assets for you.

5. Avocode saves time for designers too
Most of the designers spend more time making specifications than actually designing. And sometimes they even have to export all of the assets for the developer. And I can tell you, every designer hates that. If you you want to save designer’s time too, just tell him to share the design using Avocode PS Plugin. Designers will love you!

There are definitely more things you will love about Avocode, but those were the five biggest ones. Remember, some of these features might not be in the first version you get to use, but we are definitely going to implement them in one of the next releases.

Sign-up for Avocode Beta here and follow Source to get updates.

P.S. The next batch of invites is coming in 2 weeks!

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Thanks to Tomas Ruzicka and patrik holčák

    Vu Hoang Anh

    Written by

    Co-founder & CEO of @avocode #500strong

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