Let’s get this started

There’s a lot to say.

Most of it has been said before, and will probably be said again by someone else. Some of it may be shiny and new and maybe even have a little bit of value, so I’m going to start capturing the things that need to be captured — ideas, details, stories — right here on this pretty, new site designed by my friends at mcrbt.

The first three or four posts are already rolling around in my head and will be out as soon as I can find the time to write them down (time, and making time, is one of the very first topics I have to cover, btw). Politics, technology, music, random commercials from the early 80’s…there are so many things to discuss, but as the song goes:

Every day is a race from point A to point B and I’ll never know why

All in good time.

For now, here’s a fucking picture of a bird.


Much love, little bird.

Originally published at hello i’m a ghost.