By Ali Malik


This isn’t a finished speech. This isn’t even a final draft. If anything, this is the first draft. You’ll probably see grammatical errors, incomplete sentences/thoughts, comments and whatnot that are scattered on the page, however, the basic premise and idea of what I was going for is there.

Some backstory, If I were to win the honor of speaking at the graduation ceremony (by presenting my speech at tryouts), I wouldn’t have been allowed to speak at graduation because I was suspended in the beginning of the year. Making it pointless to even try out. I (as well as multiple others) were suspended due to hacking the school laptops. Nothing malicious ever actually took place (no, we didn’t steal your passwords, nor do we really have the knowledge to do such a thing), we just wanted unrestricted access to our own computers, to do our own thing. I still think this was unfair, we didn’t hurt anyone or do anything remotely close to hurting anyone or thing. …


Some of you know me as Ali: The guy who edited the lip dub, the computer guy, or the sarcastic, ugly, vulgar (in terms of language) guy with nice glasses. Let’s throw all that out the window and try a reintroduction for just a few seconds.

Forget I exist, forget everything you know about me.

Hello, I’m ali (@helloimali). …


Ali Malik


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