30 day exercise challenge

Day 8

Life can either be a lonely one or an epic one.
Sometimes when I close my eyes it opens my mind.
Opens it up to possibility.
It’s like these tiny pictures flashing around like a movie.
I feel like crying sometimes.
I think channeling through your consciousness is a being.

The real you.

It makes me sad

I feel things in my heart and in my eyes.
When my eyes are closed.
To not give myself the light is when darkness comes in.
I feel like a bore.
But when I move I feel alive.
I get sad when I feel anything but free.
I feel like my soul cries right fucking through me.
I don’t know what I’m saying.
It doesn’t matter.
All that matters is I say something.
I feel somewhere out in outter space.
Out in the ether.
There is something weird that’s me but not me.
Something who has the key to my mouth.
And key to my words.
Where I close my eyes I can picture it.
There is something somewhere that is preventing me from communication.
There is a line to my mind.

If you have the key I’d like it back please.


Music makes me happy.
Music keeps me going.

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