It’s been crazy so far. Everything happens so quickly I can’t even digest it properly. I finally got my degree and went on holiday and did a sudden back home trip. My grandpa was sick. I saw him 5 years ago. He was so healthy, driving, joking. And this summer, he’s lying weak at the ICU. I was broken. I couldn’t believe time has gone so fast. I always optimistically thought that he’s going to live for at least 100 years. But he passed away 3 days after my graduation day. 04.07.2017. I was broken broken broken. I always missed him and now I miss him even more. It’s been tough.

You are not a student no more. It’s time to chase what you want in life. I always want to be an entrepreneur, the idea’s always been in my head. I want to make my family proud and happy. I want my grandma to experience things that she never experiences before. I love her so much. She’s also my hero.

A lot of confusion, that’s the word. That’s the thing that I’m experiencing right now. But I’m a very optimistic and positive person. I believe in myself. And I believe that I am going to achieve whatever I want in life.

I have so much luck in love. Going strong since day 1. Ups and downs and storms. All of them calm now. Part of me that feels so secure and peace.

Just a note to myself.

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