Jesus, you are the perfect one to answer a question I have asked many times, but has never been…
Rick Fischer

Unfortunately, there is no online how-to tutorial solve the immigration problem. It’s a complex set of problems with complex sets of solutions.

A fundamental problem with immigration in the United States lies within policy. There has been no legitimate immigration reform since 1986. Meaning, there have been little to no attempts at actually trying to solve this problem.

I was just reading an article of someone who has been here illegally for 28 years (longer than me). At the age of 23 his parents, here legally, applied for him to get a green card. Today, he is 30 years old and still waiting for his application to get approved. There is something systematically wrong here.

This is just one case of how extreme and difficult it is for someone to gain legal status. There are many others.

All in all, I believe that to solve this issue we must first start by openly talking about; which is why I wrote this post.

There are literally millions of lives at stake here. We’re willing to do whatever it takes to be accepted.