“Kovaleski has now become a shallow symbol of disability, a poor guy being bullied, while the rest of his humanity is ignored.”

I disagree. Kovaleski is a rock star, imo.

And I think you make some great points.

But to target Meryl — who gave light to this issue in what was supposed to be a 3 minute speech at a predictably tedious awards show- is silly. She was horrified by the mocking! the mocking! the mocking! and the spectre of others being emboldened by DJT’s impulse to bully others — the poor, the disenfranchised, the vulnerable, THE OTHER — is the only starting point. I felt relief to hear her speak words with such gravity, words I have been thinking for so long. That’s what creative people do. They inspire us to act. That is why we have the Arts. The takeaway is that we have to do more — to do better —so much to do.

And for the record I have a disability and I know plenty of disabled and diseased people, many of them are my very close friends and family. Ummm, is that ok to share? Or did I just shatter my credibility?

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