Letter Four

Hello Family,

Europe was pretty amazing to say the least, the charm of Barcelona, the romanticism of Rome, the food and wine of both. The best part though, was being un-tethered to the pace of life we are used to in the states. Its good to be home, but I am already itching to get back to Europe.

In this news letter I talk briefly about Intermittent Fasting, Gaudi, and a great movie on Netflix called 100 Metros.

Until next month,

Justin Knox

PS. Random question a friend text me. In a world without food, would an appetite exist?

What does this say about our longing for fulfillment and love, to be part of something greater, to belong, or meaning in general?


Great book by Chris Hedges about the fallacy that is the American Value system. He digs deep into politics, TV, the porn industry and our societal values in general. What I found interesting was how staggering our illiteracy rates are here in the states.

Its a book that pulls you out of your box, and makes you look at our society from a 10,000 ft. view. I think I read it in two days.

Empire of Illusion on Amazon

JL: 7.8/10

New Apps

The Zero app is a great way to track you fasting, its clean, simple and keeps you organized if you are anything like me and need help. Later in this letter I start Part 1 of IF (Intermittent Fasting)

Download: Zero App


Random song I found on youtube the other night while looking for the Gorillaz new album, which is also amazing! The band is called The Dead South, they are probably not everyones thing, but I dig it!

Gaudi (Sagrada Familia)

The minute you step off the plane in Barcelona you hear whispers of the name Gaudi. Antonio Gaudi is a Spanish architect best known for his work on the Sagrada Familia, and basically a god to Catalonians. You can see Gaudi’s fingerprint throughout the city, whether it’s public parks, or apartment buildings his presence is always felt. Hailed as a genius throughout Catalonia Gaudi is the most well known of the Catalan Modernist.

If you ever visit Barcelona, everyone and their grandmother will tell you to see one place, the Sagrada Familia, Gaudi’s most famous work. Every single part of the Sagrada was inspired by nature, the pillars inside are inspired by tree trunks, and the entire sanctuary gives you the feeling of being in a forest. The staircases are inspired by leaves spinning as they fall from trees. Animals and the story of Christ’s life adorn one facade, the crucifixion of Christ on the other, it could literally take weeks to notice every little detail.

The Sagrada has been under construction for over 133 years and there is still a lot to do. Gaudi died knowing he would never see the completion of if. Construction started in 1882 by Francisco Paula de Villar, he resigned in 1883 and Gaudi took over as head architect. Construction was slow going because it relied on private donations and the Spanish civil war slowed construction even further in the 50’s. The project has picked up steam due to tourism, and set completion date is 2026 the centurion of Gaudi’s death.

Random fact, Gaudi died after being hit by a trolley train in Barcelona, they found him in the street and mistook him for a homeless man. They took him to a “poor people’s” hospital (as our guide put it). When Gaudi found out he was being moved to a better hospital he refused, instead insisting on dying in “the people’s” hospital.

If you are ever in Barcelona, this is a must see. The museum underneath with all of Gaudi’s original drawings, his tomb and his designs worth it alone.

Arc de Triomf

Fun fact, Rome was building Arches after military victories, Barcelona built one not because they won, but just because they were in a war. At the time they were deciding on whether to build this Arch, or a certain tower by an architect named Gustave Eiffel, they chose the Arach de Triomf and Paris got Gustaves Eiffel tower.

Netflix Recommendation

100 Meters — just watch it. It’s the incredible true story about a man diagnosed with MS, for therapy he decides to complete an ironman. I cant say enough good things about this film. The cinematography is beautiful, and the actors are powerful. Its a must watch on netflix, but have some tissues ready.

JL Score 9.8/10

IF Fasting Part I

Intermittent Fasting Overview

Intermittent fasting (IF) is very simply put is not eating for a predetermined period of time. It has been practiced throughout history but only recently have we started studying the physical and mental benefits in regards to human performance. Most research shows that that positive effects can occur within 12 hours of fasting, and the effects become more potent with longer fast.

In experiments with animals and humans they have shown IF fasting to be effective in reducing diabetes, and even cancer. Lifespan has been elongated, insulin sensitivity has been increased leading to fat loss. This has powerful implications on the rest of the system, lower blood pressure, lowered risk of heart disease, cholesterol balance, and much more.

Another positive effect of IF is enhanced cognitive function and mood stabilization. IF and nutrition in general have been shown to increase neurogenesis within the hippocampus. (The hippocampus is a structure associated with memory and mood stabilization.)

Fasting can be a very powerful tool when used correctly. In later articles we will discuss how to use IF for fat loss, athletic performance, cognitive enhancement, and our own personal experiences with IF.

Study 1, Study 2, Study 3


In the worship of security we fling ourselves beneath the wheels of routine-and before we know it our lives are gone.”
Where, then, lies the answer? In choice. Which shall it be: bankruptcy of purse or bankruptcy of life? ”
― Sterling Hayden, Wanderer

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