Miss Granny is a feel-good watch with a generous serving of moments that touch on Filipino family values.

The Philippine adaptation of Miss Granny is centered on one woman’s journey of love and sacrifice. It is a relatable picture that leaves touching messages on our love for family and our elderly.

Miss Granny


Fely Malabaño, portrayed by veteran actress Nova Villa, is a 70-year-old grumpy pensioner deemed as a burden by her kin due to her temperament. Her son, played by Nonie Buencamino, decides to send her to the Home for the Elderly.

Miss Granny

Villa as the older Fely de Leon

This decision did not sit well for Fely, deciding to wander around the city and ultimately stumbling upon a vintage photo studio. She takes hold of the opportunity for her photo to be taken, and as magical it may sounds, she returns to her younger years, taking up a new identity as Audrey De Leon, played by Sarah Geronimo.

Miss Granny

The magical encounter led to the start of Fely’s adventures as Audrey.

Fely’s grandson, portrayed by James Reid, casts Audrey as the vocalist of his heavy metal band. He slowly grows an interest and admiration for the strong-willed and charming young lady.

Reid as Fely’s grandson

As attention for the band increases owing to Audrey’s impressive vocals, a music producer, played by Xian Lim, becomes determined to bring them into the spotlight to refresh the music industry’s talent slump.

Miss Granny

Lim as Mr. Producer

On the Philippine adaptation of Miss Granny

Geronimo’s performance as Audrey De Leon was a standout in the movie. Her timely comedic performance and charm left the audience in stitches.

Her break-into-a-song scenes moved the audience for a mini-concert treat of sorts.

More so, the movie tugged hearts in its take on family ties and filial love — important aspects of Filipino culture that has been slowly being disregarded. It highlighted a mother’s love that is willing to sacrifice and forgive to protect her family against all odds.

Although the Philippine adaptation does not move far away from its Korean counterpart, it incorporates important touches of Filipino culture in the right places.

For a good laugh and a good cry, go watch Miss Granny when it hits theater on August 22.

Hellokpop would like to thank Viva Films, Viva International Pictures, and Ms. Arlene Garcia for the invitation to the premiere night of Miss Granny last August 20.

Review contributed by Lou Belit

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