An immigrant’s first vote
Bryan Byrne

I have also read a lot about the world of Trump supporters and their world. As a fellow immigrant who also works in tech, I can see that their concern about their economic fate is 100% legit and not to be mocked, but the way they carry it out is though old school “Drum major instinct” that MLK mentioned during the civil rights era. It’s hard for working class whites of this day to drop their implicit discrimination because their parents has enjoyed such unique advantages/privileges at a unique time in american economic history that their kids, who are the Trump voters now, never really enjoyed. So you talking about a huge dissonance about what their expectations are and what the world actually works, and we wonder why so many of them are pissed.

Of course as a fellow immigrant, I won’t tolerate any of the racial bullshit, nor will I put their doomed fate one step higher than the fates of other minorities or interest groups. But if they keep that mentality of “I should be look after first because I am white” up, no one is going to help them out. I foresee a future that those voters are going to be totally abandoned by both political parties and the new alt-right will pick them up, and maybe a resurgence of KKK is not out of question. For people like us, is what can we do with technology to help them, or better yet, what kind of opportunity from this situation that will need a technological solution?

By the way, it’s this immigrant’s first time vote as well.

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