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Nice assumption, actually I am a libertarian, and in not one of my responses I mentioned big government, the illegal immigrants are here because business needs them, and yes, California produces 80% of USA’s fresh produces everyday, so I’d say that we do have a big need for cheap labour. We treat them better because we don’t view them as unequal, unlike some people who live in the backwaters of the country…it’s called treating your worker with some dignity, and no, they are not getting treated better than the citizens, as I am one and I know people who are illegal here, and they definitely don’t get shit (And when they actually do, I will be on your side as well). Americans claim to love capitalism, but they can’t stand it when the negative side starts to affect them. Illegal immigration, in regards to actual economics, are the same as “Made in China”, it’s really isn’t about left or right, its all about $$$. When the day our farm work can be fully automated, I bet we won’t be here talking about this problem. But assuming illegals actually gets as much benefits as a citizen of the US is just as you said, a red herring. Get some facts first buddy, do you actually know an illegal immigrant personally?

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